Click here for a list of stores currently stocking Maxisoy+. Details of distributors for retailers wishing to sell Maxisoy+ are also available through this link. If your produce store does not currently stock Maxisoy+ please let us know and we will be in contact with them to arrange for them to stock.




A quick soaking, molasses and cereal grain free, super fibre pellet for all horses. Feed smaller amounts for weight loss and larger amounts for weight gain.


Maxisoy+ should be introduced into your horses diet gradually. We recommend feeding Maxisoy+ in conjunction with a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement as well as hay/pasture.


Maxisoy+ can be fed dry or wet however is designed to be fed wet and can be soaked with up to 5 times its volume in water. Use less water for a light fluffy mix, and more water for a porridge consistency mix. Feed is ready to be fed within 5 minutes of adding water or can be left soaking overnight ready for your morning feeds.


As a general guide horses require 2% of their body weight in feed (dry weight) daily to maintain condition. This is inclusive of pasture, hay, and other feeds.


300kg horse = 6kg feed per day

400kg horse = 8kg feed per day

500kg horse = 10kg feed per day

600kg horse = 12kg feed per day


Horses in heavy work, mares with foals and growing horses have significantly higher calorie requirements and can need as much as 3% of their body weight in feed (dry weight) daily to maintain condition. This is inclusive of pasture, hay, and other feeds.


300kg horse = 9kg feed per day

400kg horse = 12kg feed per day

500kg horse = 15kg feed per day

600kg horse = 18kg feed per day




During times of drought when pasture and hay is in high demand

For horses on controlled fibre diets such as laminitic horses
Pleasure riding horses, spelling horses, aged horses


Mix Maxisoy+ with oaten, lucerne or mixed chaff to create a highly palatable and effective forage replacer.


Sample feeding of horses spelling, in light work, or on stable rest with no access to pasture:























To this you can vitamin and mineral supplements, salts and other as required.




Horses on complete feeds

To minimise dust and increase palatability of feeds

Horses that require wet feeding (ie prone to choke or aged)


Feed Maxisoy+ with your morning and night hard feeds for general maintenance as well as throughout competitions to assist in hydration, recoveries and general overall health while performing.


If your horse is the correct weight and condition replace the chaff component of the diet at 75% of the weight of what you were feeding;


500g chaff = 375g Maxisoy+ (dry weight)

1kg chaff = 750g Maxisoy+ (dry weight)

2kg chaff = 1.5kg Maxisoy+ (dry weight)


If your horse is underweight it is lilkely you are not providing adequate calories, please contact promo@energreennutrition.com.au with the details of the complete feed you are feeding and your horses details and a feeding plan will be formulated.


If your horses is overweight you are providing to many calories and you may be better with a fibre only diet as noted under 'FIBRE BASED DIET'.




Horses in heavy work, mares with foals, stallions, youngstock

Owners that like to control feed ingredients

Economical feeding over many complete feeds for the same results


This is the most common way of feeding Maxisoy+. Work out how much feed your horse requires (2-3% bodyweight) and then mix and match your feed ingredients to make up the calories required by your horse to maintain optimum condition.


Feed ingredients such as oats, maize, chaffs, oils, and hay pellets all mix wonderfully with Maxisoy+.


Please consider contacting an equine nutritionist or using an online diet balancing program if in doubt over the composition of a home mixed diet for the life stage and activity level of your equine.


Additional feed mix examples can be found with our rider profiles. Do not hesitate to contact promo@energreennutrition.com.au for feeding assistance and ideas.




Maxisoy+ Low GI Super Fibre Pellets are the ideal low starch, low sugar, super fibre feed for all horses. Comprised of 100% soy hull with no added molasses or other feedstuffs Maxisoy+ is the gold standard in providing quality fibre to all equines. Maxisoy+ is very easy to feed and provides superior conditioning whilst remaining cost effective in comparison to many other fibre sources.


Maxisoy+ is prepared from human grade soy beans. The beans are meticulously selected to our high standards, and then processed in a quality controlled plant in Malaysia to remove the soy hulls. These hulls are then processed to create Maxisoy+ pellets.


Your horses’ diet is a fundamental aspect of horse care, it is a critical factor in horse performance, and it is fully in your control. Make the right choices.




"Super" Fibre


The 'super' fibre found in Maxisoy+ offers superior digestibility over other forage fibre sources (75% digestible fibre) compared with most fibre sources such as hay and chaff (40-50% digestible fibre) These highly digestible fibres are known as 'super' fibres.


'Super' fibres like Maxisoy+ are readily fermented in the hindgut, producing volatile fatty acids which in turn provide a steady stream of slow release energy. This allows horse owners to feed less starch (grain) and sugar to meet the horses energy requirements without producing the 'fizz' associated with high energy/sugar diets.


Maxisoy+ allows you to feed a high fibre diet with similar calorie provision to oats, that assists in maintaining a healthy digestive tract and a reduction in diet related digestive issues.


Quality Protein


A horse needs a daily intake of protein to maintain, grow and repair tissues. Unlike energy, protein is not stored in the body and must be provided in the diet on a daily basis. Improving the protein quality of the ration will assist in improving muscle development in growing, working and aged horses and milk production in lactating mares. Soybeans are widely recognised as the best quality vegetable protein source available due to the balance of essential (limiting) amino acids such as lysine.


Maxisoy+ has a estimated protein content of 14% on a DM basis with an estimated lysine content of over 10g/kg (DM)


Low GI (less then 5% sugar + starch)


Research has shown that the feeding of 'High GI' starch and sugar rich feeds to be directly linked to formation of conditions such as cushings disease, laminitis, tying up, PSSM, obesity, insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome and behavioral problems.


Maxisoy+ provides dietary energy through fermentation of fibre in the digestive system and thus avoids insulin spikes and associated problems caused by the feeding of high GI feeds. By both glycemic index and laboratory carbohydrate analysis Maxisoy+ is extremely safe for insulin resistant horses.



Nutritional Value


Fibre options such as chaff can have highly variable nutritional values. Maxisoy+ offers horse owners the peace of mind feeding in knowing exactly what their horse is being fed throughout the year.




Analysis as fed

Digestible Energy ............ 8.41 MJ/kg

Crude Protein ................... 14%

Dry Matter .......................... 90%

ESC (simple sugars) ..... 3.7%

Crude Fat .......................... 4.8%

Crude Fibre ...................... 35%

Lysine ................................ 9.2 g/kg

Starch ................................ 0.8%






Q. Can Maxisoy+ be used to replace chaff?

A. Yes. Super fibres such as Maxisoy+ are ideal to replace or reduce the amount of chaff being fed to horses, and have the benefit of having consistent nutritional values with enhanced digestibility.


Q. Can I overfeed Maxisoy+ to my horse?

A. Soy hulls are a very safe and economical source of fibre and studies have replaced 75% of total forage requirements with soy hull and no adverse reactions have been noted.. All feeds should be monitored to ensure you are not providing your horse with to many calories as obesity will result.


Q. Do I need to feed my horse hay when using Maxisoy+ to provide fibre?

A. It is recommended that all horses have access to either hay or pasture to ensure they have access to long stem fibre each day. Maxisoy+ can reduce the amount of hay or pasture required by horses to maintain condition.


Q. Can I feed Maxisoy+ on its own?

A. Certainly. Maxisoy+ is quite bland on its own and some horses will need the addition of chaff, grain or premixed feeds for palatibility. Maxisoy+ has no added vitamins or minerals so if being fed on its own it is recommended that a complete mineral supplement be included.


Q. Can Maxisoy+ be fed dry?

A. While we recommend that Maxisoy+ is fed wet there are many people that include Maxisoy+ in their horses feed as a dry pellet.


Do you have a question you would like answered? Please email questions to promo@energreennutrition.com.au.



Maxisoy+ and mixed chaff (wet feed example)

Maxisoy+, True Care, mixed chaff (dry feed example)

Maxisoy+, chaff, oats and sunflowers (wet feed example)

Maxisoy+ and Lympia pellets (dry feed example)

Maxisoy+, oats and sunflower seed (wet feed example)

Maxisoy+, lucerne and oaten chaff, lucerne pellets, oats, balancer pellet (dry feed example)

Maxisoy+, lucerne and oaten chaff, lucerne pellets, oats, balancer pellet (wet feed example)