The horse photos used on this website are all Maxisoy+ fed horses, they represent the condition and performance we expect you to be able to achieve when feeding a balanced diet that includes Maxisoy+ Low GI Super Fibre Pellets. They are not photoshopped to add shine, they are true depictions of Maxisoy+ fed horses at work, rest and play.


Maxisoy+ is the ultimate super fibre feed for all horses, offering horse owners the optimal feeding solution for horse health and performance. For your convenience Maxisoy+ is readily available from produce stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, if your produce store does not yet stock Maxisoy+ let us know and we are more then happy to contact them and arrange for them to stock on your behalf!


If you have any questions at all about Maxisoy+ Low GI Super Fibre Pellets, would like assistance with how to feed, would like to arrange a representative to come and visit your stud, stable or store please do not hesitate to contact us. Our representatives direct contact details are listed in the About Us tab at the top of this page.


Join the Maxisoy+ team and see your horses benefit.



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